New-Age Marketing Strategies

Design new-age marketing strategies to attract more first-time customers, generate a steady flow of referral business, and keep them all coming back – again and again.

Grow your business

Grow Your Business, Systematically.

We live in a digital age. Your customers and clients have access to all kinds of information – instantly – home or on the road – 24/7.

Like it or not, your business is impacted, whether you compete with others from around the corner or across the country.

That makes it tough to thrive. It’s difficult to grow your business.

You can’t sell on price alone. Because, let’s face it, you sell the exact same products or services that the other guy does, for about the same prices.

So, your “Mom and Pop” business needs more creative ways to stand apart from the crowd.

It all begins with a bold, innovative mindset.

To succeed today, every local small business must:

  1. Be driven by a clear purpose – a mission
  2. Provide a better overall experience than the other guy or gal
  3. Use digital systems to deliver and manage exceptional experiences daily.

First, you have to have a reason to exist. A mission. A cause.

We already know What you do. That’s easy. It’s basic. Your competitors do the same thing.

The difference is How you do what you do. Explain How you do your work better, or differently.

Then, go a step further and explain Why you do what you do.

Once you explain Why, everyone in your organization must live that purpose every day, all the time.

Second, you must make it a habit to create a “great experience” every time you interact with anyone – directly or indirectly.

Not just a little better. But much, much, much better. From first touch to forever.

Third, you must execute a system that helps you provide exceptional experiences.

A business development system will attract more and better first-time customers, generate a steady flow of referral business, and keep them all coming back, again and again.

Overall, you’ll put the emphasis on helping people, not just selling stuff.

Care Sincerely. Show Genuine Interest. Prove Unwavering Commitment.

I’ll help you define your driving purpose, create extraordinary customer experiences and design your business development system.

If you want to stand apart in a competitive crowd, you need breakthrough marketing strategies. You can’t be ordinary. You can’t be like everyone else. You’ve got to be extraordinary.

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Bob Wiltse