Create Your Own Alter-Ego Super Hero to Promote Your Business

Fresh small business marketing ideas are tough to come by.

Here’s a new one you should think about: Craftsman Tools and DC Entertainment partnered to publish a custom comic book to promote a new power tool system. It’s called “Craftsman Bolt-On System Saves the Justice League.” It tells the story of how a handyman saved the day by stopping the evil villain, The Key, from stealing records from the Justice League headquarters (read the comic here).

That got me thinking.

Super heroes have super powers. They’re protectors. They’re idolized. They’re depended upon.

To many of the people you serve, you’re a super hero.

Why not have some fun and promote your small business at the same time?

Create your own alter-ego super hero

Partner with a local writer or cartoonist to create a short story or comic about your business and products. If you can’t find a local writer, find one on

Base the plot on real-life situations that you’ve experienced. Tell the story of how you helped someone solve a tough problem and saved the day in your community. Demonstrate the value of working with you.

Be sure to have fun with it. Make it a mystery or a thriller or a love story. No boring stuff allowed.

But here’s the key: Be honest. Don’t exaggerate the power of what you do.

Save the work as a PDF and make it available for online download. You should also print a few hard copies. Then promote the story with a press release. Have a “meet the author” party.

The story will get people talking about your business. It will be passed around town.

Get creative. Tell true stories that showcase the problems you’ve solved. Show that you’ve got a sense of humor.

You can bet that your competitors aren’t super heroes.