Marketing Tools

Two great reasons to like digital, internet & mobile marketing:

  1. Digital, internet and mobile marketing is extremely cost-effective. There’s an excellent return on your investment.
  2. Results are trackable. That means you’ll know instantly what has worked and what hasn’t. As a result, you can adjust strategies hourly rather than weekly, monthly or yearly.


Use as many of these new age digital marketing tools as you can (listed here in alphabetical order):

Appointment Scheduling – Encourage visitors to use an online calendar to schedule a meeting

Audio and Video Podcasts, Presentations – Produce programs that educate and inform and post them on YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler,, iTunes

Blog – Easily and quickly publish information that allows readers to provide feedback (Google loves Blogs because the information is constantly fresh)

Call Tracking – Drive trackable calls to your business. Measure response rates from each of your marketing activities

Click-to-Call or Chat – Invite prospects to connect with sales reps instantly

Coupons – Send regular offers by email and text message to your database of customers

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Record every conversation with, and commitment made to, customers and prospects

Direct Mail – Send targeted postcards and sales letters to prospects and customers

eBooks, Case Studies, Articles and Reports – Publish educational and informational materials

eCommerce – Develop an online storefront and auctions that sell products globally

eDirectory – Provide an online community directory for consumers

Email – Develop a database of customers/clients and prospects and make regular offers that generate results and/or provide information

Landing Page – A singularly focused website page designed to collect a prospective buyer’s contact information or stimulate a telephone call to your business

Local Search Engine Optimization – Achieve dominant and consistent results in Google, Yahoo, Bing and 100’s of online directories – you’ll build brand awareness

Loyalty Programs – Reward your best customers for their allegiances

Mobile – Optimize your website for mobile and send text messages that connect with customers instantly

Online Advertising – Pay Per Click (PPC) and Facebook ads that target your perfect customer

Online Contests and Promotions – Lead generation with quizzes, contests, coupons, virtual gifts

Photos – Post photos on your website and on sites like Flickr, Photobucket

Press Releases – Let everyone know what you’re up to

Print Advertisements – Newspaper and yellow pages (there’s still some value here)

QR Codes – Ask prospects to use their smartphones to scan Codes that quickly direct them to web pages that make specific offers

Printing Services – Upload and print business cards, brochures, postcards, etc.

Referrals/Word-of-Mouth – Invite customers to pass the word about their great experiences

Social Media – Have daily conversations with customers across many platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc)

Surveys – Solicit feedback and advice from your customers

Webinars and Teleseminars – Deliver instructional and informational presentations online or by phone

Website Design – Develop an interactive goal-driven website with outstanding informational/educational content written by professional copywriters. Use ‘Heatmaps’ to track where your site visitors look, where they click, and what they ignore. Make specific, measurable offers and other calls-to-action (Note: typical website designers are NOT marketers – a website is more than an elaborate brochure). By the way, you need a mobile version of your website, too.

Every plan should also consider and include many of these traditional media:

Direct-Response Letters and Post Cards
Sales Inserts
Print Ads
Print Newsletters