Spread the Word About Your Business Like the Big Story of the Day

We live in an age where individuals instantly inform and influence thousands. Powerful tools enable any of us to spread the word, about any subject, to masses of people in our community, our region, our nation, or our world. And it happens every day, maybe every second.

Soon, I hope, mom and pop small business owners will embrace these tools to spread their own special messages. Unfortunately, they lag.

Among the numerous explanations:

  • They’re too busy to study complicated new technology
  • There’s little demand because many of their customers are slow to adapt
  • Traditional marketing strategy is working just fine so there’s no need to change

At the same time, the big brands are far ahead. They use new media to aggressively promote their products and strengthen relationships with their customers.

Obviously, the same channels are available to small businesses to accomplish the same objectives. But mom and pops don’t yet realize that they can compete. Someday, somehow, they will.

Just look at how the big story of the day spread.  I woke up to the news on TV that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. At 5:30AM EST, I found these headlines in my Google Reader:

There was this video:

Finally, I found this poll from CNET (left), which shows the distribution of how people learned about Bin Laden’s death. Note the almost equal balance between traditional media and new media.

My point is that we all have access to information, about all kinds of topics, from a wide variety of sources, instantly. News and information from newspapers, TV, radio, Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube is at our disposal whenever we want it.

It’s very powerful. It’s incredible. I’m amazed.

I’d love my favorite local businesses to use those tools to interact with me. We all need to convince them that it’s not that difficult and the rewards are tremendous – for them and for us.