What You Can Learn From a Lands’ End Rapid-Fire Bulleted List

I’m a scanner. I speed read to get to the bottom line. If you want to persuade me, just highlight the essentials – short and sweet.

That’s why I like bulleted lists. You simply tell me what you do and why it’s important to me. In other words, you itemize the features and the benefits, then move on.

Lands’ End did exactly that in a recent catalog. The ad made it easy for me.

Features Are Important. Benefits Are Essential.

“Here’s why we’re still King of the Oxfords,” it headlined, followed by a “rapid-fire” 4-bullet list (a feature, then the benefit within each bullet):

  • British split back mitered yoke: the fabric is cut on the bias so it has more natural give, and you get more comfort of movement.
  • Seven-button front: prevents unsightly gapping. Our buttons are tough as bowling balls (made of the same resin).

And so on.

Small business advertisers should follow the same principles. Most of the time, you give me features. I want to know the benefits, too.

Tell Me Why You’re the “King” or “Queen” of Your Market

So you’re a landscape contractor who builds brick walkways. So what? So do many other landscapers. Tell me why you’re “King of the Brick Walkways.” Give me a quick description that triggers my imagination. Help me envision my beautiful new walkway by listing benefits and features.

Whatever your business, tell me why you’re the “King” or “Queen” of your market. Explain what you do and why the way you do it will improve my life.

And, please, use a bulleted list.