A few testimonials from various situations in a 30 year period:

“Bob was our School Committee chairman for many years at Minuteman. With strong dedication, communication skills, and an unusual level of high motivation, he gave direction to the school district at a very difficult time in its history. His combination of logic, creativity, self-direction with a strong work ethic, and interest in justice (i.e. doing what is right) was a valuable resource to our district in dealing with officials in 16 different communities.”
- Ron Fitzgerald
Superintendent, Minuteman Regional High School

“My business partner and I felt like we were stuck in a rut, unable to clearly define what we wanted for the company and how to get there. With Bob’s help we were able to collaborate on the vision and mission for the business and create a roadmap for getting there. As we talked with Bob and ‘work-shopped’ the plan, he really listened and provided observations that helped us get unstuck. We are excited about the new strategies we developed and appreciate his patient guidance through a tough process.”
- Whitney Hahn
Business Manager, Digital Bard Video


“…you are by far the most professional individual we’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with.”
- E. Bonhomme

“Thank you so much. Your extra attention definitely sets you apart.”
- inskid00

“I just wanted to let you know that we received your letter thanking us for our recent purchase. I just wanted to send along our thanks to you for making the purchase the easiest, simplest, and most straightforward purchase we ever made.”
- B. Lampman

“Excellent thinking- great service. Thanks Bob – I’ll be back.”
- jlawlor

“Bob Wiltse was excellent. He created a low pressure, relaxed environment.”
- D. Flaherty

“Thanks Bob for your positive thought provoking questions. Bob is a thoughtful, considerate and focused coach who draws out the best.”
- gordonstewart

“Bob Wiltse became the sole reason I bought. He was great to work with and I look forward to the chance again.”
- E. Finnegan

“Just a quick note to let you know how much your professionalism and help is appreciated.”
- C. Humphries

“Highly professional, precise and helpful method, I liked it! Thanks a lot.”
- fdiazz