Want more word of mouth referrals? Ban the “BUT….”

You'll enjoy more sales and more profits, now and in the future, when you don't hear "But...."

You’ll enjoy more sales and more profits, now and in the future, when you don’t hear “But….”

As a small business owner, a marketer, your objective is to eliminate the “BUT.”

Really. You need to Ban the “BUT.”

Here’s what I mean:

Imagine a customer talking to one of their friends.

What do they say when describing their experience with your business? What comes to mind first?

You’re in a little bit of trouble if it’s any of these:

  • They have a nice looking website, BUT I couldn’t find what I was looking for, and I know they have the product.
  • He picked up the phone after two rings, BUT I waited on hold for 5 minutes after that.
  • He told me he would send a brochure, BUT I never got it.
  • Their advertisement promoted a sale, BUT their salesperson didn’t know what I was talking about when I mentioned it.
  • He promised delivery by 10:00, BUT the truck didn’t get here until 11:00, and no one called me.
  • I got the tee-time I wanted, BUT it took six hours to play my round.
  • The sales associate approached me right away, BUT she couldn’t answer my questions, and didn’t ask anyone else.
  • They do good construction work, BUT they never get to my house when they say they will.
  • They sell nice stuff, BUT they’re never open at a time when I can shop.
  • The package says it’s a universal replacement part, BUT it’s not.
  • They had the lowest price, BUT I didn’t get a very good result.

Don’t you always think “Uh-Oh” when you hear “BUT?”

It’s surely not a word you would use to help describe a perfect experience. And it won’t produce many sensational word of mouth recommendations.

Now try this: Replace the “BUT” with a positive “AND” phrase.

For example:

  • They have a nice looking website, AND I found exactly what I was looking for.
  • The sales associate approached me right away, AND she answered all my questions.
  • They had the lowest price, AND I got the results.

Isn’t that much better?

That’s what you’re shooting for.

Imagine the benefits for your business.

I think it’s clear. You stand apart from your competitors – for all the right reasons – when you eliminate (most of) the BUTs.

I agree that you may never completely get rid of the “BUT.” Despite your best efforts, it will probably pop up here and there at different times.

However, you should certainly minimize it. And, at t the very least, you must quickly acknowledge, apologize and correct when there is a “BUT.”

So, I hope you’ll mount an ongoing campaign to Ban the “BUT.”

When you stop hearing it, you’ll know your customers and clients are enjoying better experiences. They’re happier, more satisfied.

That means more sales and more profits, now and in the future.

What “BUT” will you eliminate today?